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Water Rates

RWU is committed to serving all its customers with all the water they can beneficially use, at a reasonable pressure and delivery rate. Since we are rate supported, our water and sewer rates must generate enough revenue to operate the system and retire our outstanding indebtedness, plus fund a modest depreciation fund. Good clean water costs money. By conserving water, you conserve money.

A deposit is required before water service may be established. We are sorry, we cannot accept letters of credit as a substitute. Deposits are nonnegotiable and cannot be waived. The deposit schedule is as follows:

Type of water service Amount
 Rental (apartment or house) $50.00 
 Home Owner $20.00 
 Commercial (5/8 inch service)  $50.00 
 Large Commercial $250.00 
See additional fees below.

Deposits are refundable when the customer of record leaves our service. Any amount due will be applied against the deposit. If the deposit covers your last bill, you will be sent a check for the remaining amount. If not, you will be billed for the amount due. If you leave Rogers and close your account, and you return to Rogers, a new deposit will be required.

Service Charges
There is a minimal, non-refundable charge for setting up service for all new accounts, or to have a service call at your address. Set up charges inside city limits is $10.00, outside city limits being $15.00. Any additional charge for after hours, weekends, and holidays will be assessed.

General Fees
There are certain fees that must be collected in order to provide a high level of service while controlling our rate structure. These are one-time, non refundable fees collected prior to the establishment of service. These are $25.00 for water service, and $30.00 for sewer service. If you transfer your service to another address on our system you will not have to pay these fees again.

Monthly Water Rates
Your water bill reflects the amount of water that was used during the last billing period, usually one month. Seniors (62 or over) are entitled to a reduced minimum bill rate.

Water Usage Inside City Outside City
 1,500 gallons or less   $5.94 minimum   $7.72 minimum 
 Next 98,500 gallons   $2.54/thousand gallons   $3.31/thousand gallons 
 Next 400,000 gallons   $2.25/thousand gallons   $2.93/thousand gallons 
 Next 500,000 gallons   $2.06/thousand gallons   $2.67/thousand gallons 
 More than 1,000,000 gallons   $1.95/thousand gallons   $2.53/thousand gallons 

If you are using a large meter, an additional fee will be assessed as follows:

Meter Size Inside City Outside City
 1" Meter   $8.90   $11.58 
 1 1/2" Meter   $14.84   $19.29 
 2" Meter   $25.23   $32.80 
 3" Meter   $44.52   $59.36 
 4" Meter   $103.88   $135.04 
 6" Meter   $155.82   $203.63 
 BENTON CO #4   $39.00   $39.00 

Each customer pays $.30 per month per account Arkansas Public Water System Fee as mandated by Act 903 of 1993.

Commercial / Industrial Services
Fire protection systems are $.30 per sprinkler head per year, $5.00 minimum, $25.00 maximum for inside or outside city limits.

Private fire hydrants: $20.00 per year
Steamer connection: $30.00 per year

Sewer Rates

Sewer charges are calculated at 100% of water usage

Water Usage Inside City Outside City Lowell
 Minimum Bill (no usage)   $11.10   $14.50   $13.32 
 First 100,000 gallons   $3.86/thousand gallons   $5.03/thousand gallons   $4.63/thousand gallons 
 More than 100,000 gallons   $3.81/thousand gallons   $5.03/thousand gallons   $4.57/thousand gallons 

Trash Rates

By contract between the City of Rogers and the Inland Service Corporation, Rogers must bill every residential customer on the water system inside the city limits $13.76 per month for a 96 gallon can. Smaller cans are available at lesser rates. Contact Inland about your specific needs at (479) 878-1384.

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