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Water Leak Policy

Catastrophic Water Leak Policy

Neither Rogers Water Utilities nor the City of Rogers shall be liable for any damage or injury whatsoever resulting from water that has passed through any customer water meter. Water that has passed through a Rogers water meter is deemed to belong to the customer in whose name the meter is in currently. Customers are responsible to keep their plumbing in good working order, free from leaks.

Sewer Bill Adjustment For Water Leaks

The portion of water that passes through a meter but not into the waste plumbing may be considered for a water bill adjustment on the sewer portion only. This exemption does not apply to normal outside usage. Proof of a water leak shall consist of one or more “high water usage” billing periods, followed by a return to “normal” water consumption billing period. The average consumption of the previous six billings or other representative period will be used to calculate an adjustment to the sewer charges portion of the bill. If there is no consumption data on which to base an average bill, the default bill will be based on 100 gallons per capita per day.

Water Bill Adjustment For Water Leaks

Under some conditions, as detailed below, Rogers Water Utilities may adjust the charge for water consumption. Water bill adjustments must be specifically requested by the customer. Water bill adjustments are limited to those customers that are residential, metered separately only. All other customers are considered to be commercial in nature, for the sake of this procedure. Water bill adjustments to irrigation accounts must be approved by a utility supervisor.

In general, the presence of a water leak must be verifiable (i.e., at least one month of abnormally high usage, followed by at least one month of normal consumption).

Upon the determination by Rogers Water Utilities that a water leak did exist, the water portion of the monthly bill may be adjusted as follows:

First fifty thousand gallons will be billed at the regular rate.

All consumption over fifty thousand gallons in one month will be billed at the lowest block rate for inside the City of Rogers.

Any exceptions to this procedure must be approved by the RWU Utility Superintendent or the Rogers Waterworks and Sewer Commission.

Policy Approved by the Rogers Waterworks & Sewer Commission on 12/20/2010.

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