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Possible Causes of Higher-than-Average Water Usage

Possible Causes of Higher-than-Average Water Usage

Sometimes our water usage may go higher or lower than average usage. Here we will explore the possible causes of higher-than-average water usage.

Non-leak related

There may be certain changes in activity that can lead an increase in water usage. Some of these non-leak causes of higher water consumption are:

  • The number of persons in the home have increased, such as visiting family members.
  • Seasonal water consumption
    • Watering a lawn or flowers without the use of an irrigation meter.
    • Water play activities.
    • Outdoor water hose accidently left running.
    • Dripping faucets.
    • Pool fill.
Leak Related

It is possible that the high water consumption is caused by a water leak somewhere on the property. We have puts some tips together, here, that can help you check for leaks in and around your home.

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